Future Unmapped
Life just isn't a straight line, and neither is art

What Future Unmapped is, avoiding the minefield of copyright infringement, creating and owning our content, and why we put buyers first.

What is this thing we call "Future Unmapped"?

It's about capturing everyday moments - in familiar and new places - that motivate us to appreciate the things we take for granted.

Each piece of our digital art showcases a single introspective moment that tells a different story every time.

We want people to immerse themselves in these moments to find their story, be inspired to get stuff done or do something new, and move forward to create new memories.

The problem with selling art

One of the biggest issues with art - in both the digital and traditional spaces - is copyright infringement.

It's very easy to extract a still shot of a special moment from a favourite show, and then produce something that may look spectacular.

While this type of derivative work certainly appeals to a mass audience, it also lacks originality … recreating stuff that's already been done to death.

Artificial intelligence adds an extra layer of confusion.

When used appropriately and with a non-abusive mindset, AI tools and assistants can bring tremendous value to all sorts of endeavours.

But while AI-generated artwork cannot be copyrighted due to the lack of a human author, its component parts will most likely be subject to legal restrictions.

This is all fine for personal use, of course. It's how people learn stuff, develop and hone their technical skills, and find ways to express their creativity.

But when it comes to commercial intent, many people build their business on a minefield of risk and liability.

Owning original content

Life is already hard enough without worrying about the threat of cease-and-desist demands, potential fines, or escalating legal action.

So when we take photos, we do it for the experience of the moment. We want to capture a series of vibes, and allow them to tell a story.

We've taken tens of thousands of photos (and videos) over the years, both at home and on our travels.

It's our source of original material. It's what we use to create our digital artwork. We know the story behind every piece of art we produce.

And that's how we minimize our exposure to copyright and other legal issues.

Putting buyers first

We get that art can be a very emotive subject matter. We're aware that people display art as a way to communicate their own perspectives.

And yet, different people can find the tiniest detail that may ruin the pleasure that art can bring to their lives.

One of those details may be the source from whom the art was acquired.

If someone buys art from a seller who can't be trusted, what does that say about the buyer?

When people choose to buy stuff from a reputable vendor - both online and in person - it validates and reinforces trust and integrity for everyone involved.

That's why we believe that a buyer's experience extends the emotional value of our artwork.

Because yeah … we're not fans of buyer's remorse either :-)